Woven Ball Fairy Lights

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20 x warm white LED lights and balls on clear wire
Balls 6cm diameter
Balls spaced 12cm apart
1.5m lead wire from plug
Comes with own power switch
230V, 20mA, .06W x 20



These pretty coloured woven fairy light balls make a delightful addition to any room. They come in a variety of colour combinations to suit any interior space.

Strung around a mirror or down a wall these lights will cast a lovely glow wherever you put them creating pretty light shafts through the layers of yarn.

Hand made by the Fair Trade Organisation makes these gorgeous lights an ethical choice and make a wonderful gift.

Hang, drape or lay to create an occasion day or night.


Additional Information

Woven Balls

Monochrome, Lotti, Muut, Pebbles, Whispering, Florabell, Sprocket, Bodi


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