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4 different options to choose from:

  • Globe re-chargeable 25cm
  • Globe re-chargeable 35cm
  • SOLAR pebble 35 x 20cm
  • Table lamp re-chargeable 16 x 26cm

All options come with remote control
Settings: white, candle flicker, colour changing or static colour
Colours can be made brighter or dimmed
Adjustable speed for colour changing sequence
Remains bright for 8 hours light once re-charged

SOLAR option also has ‘tap’ function to change colour or rotationAll options come with remote

Made from polyethylene



Glowing LED Globe Lights

These stunning and versatile LED shape lights are a must-have for any outdoor – or even indoor – spaces.  Once charged they can be moved to any location and will create spectacular reflections floating in water or against glass.

These LED globe lights come in 4 different shapes and sizes; 25m globe, 35cm globe, 35cm x 25cm SOLAR pebble and 17cm x 20cm table lamp. All come with a remote control to change settings in keeping with your colour scheme or mood.

Ideal for either side of a gated entrance, lining pathways, nestled in the garden or to have floating in the pool – either on their own or these glowing globes are even more mesmerising in a group.

The table lamps lights make a stunning table centrepiece for dinner settings or on bar leaners at parties.

Once charged these LED globe lights will give you 8 hours of uninterrupted luminous pleasure before needing to be charged again.

Additional Information

Globe lights

Large Globe 35cm, Medium Globe 25cm, Solar Pebble 35 x 25cm, Table Lamp 26 x 16cm


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